Friday, May 11, 2012

The NEW Elbow River Bridge

[many users simultaneously enjoy the old, rusty bridge]
As a part of the City of Calgary's redevelopment agenda, a new pedestrian bridge is set to be built over the Elbow River, only a few meters away from the existing "Inglewood Bridge" which has been suffering from old age, cracking cement and rusted metal, as it tries to withstand the constant traffic.
[the new pedestrian bridge would link Inglewood to the Fort]
                                                                             The city has been playing with the idea of reusing an old 37th Street bridge, which has been waiting patiently in storage, as the new bridge to connect Inglewood directly to Fort Calgary.
While some residents are doubtful whether this would be a good use of city funds, some might find it exciting to enjoy an all-new un-motorized highway as an extension to the busy bike path.

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