Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Underpass gets a new face

Artist Daniel J. Kirk giving a "new face" to the 7th Street SE, train underpass.
An underpass which was built for the railway in 1912...

Daniel has been chosen by a Jury of
the Calgary Public Art Program 
In a collaboration between the City of Calgary and its Public Art Program, the wall of the 7th Street SE train underpass has been transformed into a lively and colourful work of art, thanks to artist Daniel J. Kirk.

Street is closed to traffic, allowing Daniel to create his art

Honoured to have the street closed just for him to manifest his art, Daniel has been working on the project non-stop since the evening of Friday the 18th, finishing this morning on the 22nd.

Supported by the community, the artist has been working relentlessly

This is not the first time Mr. Kirk has contributed his talent to the City of Calgary; apart from being responsible to the new banners around the city (which are visible on the Inglewood Bridge, Olympic Plaza and more...), he had also done work on certain utility boxes around the city as part of a Graffiti Aversion program. Daniel says graffiti artists respect a painted wall.

For the Marathon - a running figure

The project was destined to be finished by May 25th, the first day of the 48th Calgary Marathon.
This year's route will start at the Stampede Park, leading marathon runners through the now-colourful underpass, onto the East Village and down to Mount Royal only to finish at their starting point, back at the Stampede Park.

This is the New Face of the 7th Street, SE train underpass, as manifested by artist Daniel J. Kirk

Artist: Daniel J. Kirk

Calgary Marathon: New Route, New Venue, New Experience

City of Calgary: Public Art Program

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