Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bike lanes are coming our way

Cyclists and cars will both benefit from bike-specific lanes
Construction is already underway
Construction is already underway
In an active city such as Calgary, bike-specific lanes are a reasonable expectation. The city's bike-path allows cyclists, pedestrians and all users to travel all over the city and in every direction; by the river, through the city's parks and on the busy streets as well.
As Calgary tries to encourage residents to use un-motorized vehicles, as a part of reducing the city's ecological footprint, new bike-specific lanes are being established in 9th avenue, SE, between 6th Street and 8th Street; the new lanes will be joining to the already existing lanes between 4th and 6th Streets, SE, and will provide cyclists with an easier access to the bike path detour.

Traffic is down to one lane until June 17
Although traffic will be narrowed down to one lane most of the day, once the project is done (on June 17, 2012), more people could enjoy a safer, healthier road.

The main bike path is being redeveloped already, with the first section already successfully completed in the East Village; a new bridge connecting the Inglewood side of the pathway to Fort Calgary's side is underway as well. The new lanes are long overdue in an area which stands as an existing detour to the current bike path and attracts multiple day users, all day and every day.

Cyclists must detour through the streets due to the
redevelopments of the pathway
The new lanes will allow access
to the pathway on the East
side of the Inglewood Bridge

The pathway is torn, unavailable for users until redevelopment project
 is complete. Cyclist have no alternative but to use the busy streets

City of Calgary: Bike Lanes Project

Bike Calgary: Proposed Lane Update

City of Calgary: Pathway Map

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