Saturday, June 30, 2012

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede 2012!

Happy Centennial Birthday! as
stated from the new Zip Line building
An inflatable Birthday Cake;
exactly 100 years running!

With the 100th Stampede only a few days away, it's exciting to see what is going on RIGHT NOW on the Stampede Grounds in preparation for the Centennial Birthday of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede. This should get y'all in the mood for some cowboy hats, fried food, country music and awesome rides!
TransAlta Stage, Stampede Grandstand
Stampede Midway under preparation

Empty seats in the Grandstand,
waiting in anticipation...

Stuffed Animals - Prizes are being unloaded;
they can't wait to be won over
race-track clean, ready, set...

"By the Banks of the Bow"! the new bronze sculpture:
15-horses, 2-cowboys; each with a story to tell
The new 15-horse bronze sculpture.
First year revealed

Professionals testing the new Zip Line Ride
The new Zip Line Tower!
Midway is becoming colourful  as more
vendors & rides are being installed

The new Roller-Coaster
Calgary Exhibition & Stampede; some things never change...

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