Monday, June 4, 2012

Good results of Hard work

The new electronic "Train" sign will light-up whenever a train is passing;
it will be appreciated by drivers who wish to detour appropriately
The city is deploying more help to make sure the job is done
Predicting the benefits which will rise from construction projects is one thing; seeing those benefits manifest themselves is an entirely different thing. The new lights-intersection on 9th Avenue, SE, was done in order to help traffic and pedestrian.

Each city employee is busy, busy, busy
After long days of hard work - a work that not yet complete - the results are finally showing! Apart from the frequency these lights now change, giving an equal amount of time to all vehicles from every direction, the most exciting change of all is the new electronic "train" sign; facing towards vehicles traveling west, the new sign lights up whenever a train is passing through, allowing people to detour to the next available underpass (4th Street, SE).

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