Monday, June 11, 2012

River Walk Part 1 - An idea comes to Life

Mia Birk, cycling pioneer
In 2011, just over a year ago, Mia Birk arrived in Calgary to do what she does best and help the City of Calgary understand where and how cycling can be integrated into daily life. As a pioneer in sustainable transportation, Mia has spent the last few year cycling through different cities all over N. America in an attempt to bring awareness and change into the cycling systems. Though impressed with the City of Calgary's pathway, Mia also saw some room for improvements; in her lecture, attended non-other than Mayor Nanshee himself, accompanied by some Aldermen. Cyclists felt optimistic after her visit and regarding the Mayor's actions towards a better Cycling System.
The ground is all dug up, waiting to be reconstructed
City employees are working hard
The restructuring of Calgary's pathway have commenced a few years ago, prior to Mia's arrival to the city, with the first area to enjoy the new and improved pathway being the East Village; with a divided pathway for pedestrians and cyclists, the area is already drawing dozens of multiple users on a daily basis. The completed section allows easy and wonderful access going west from Fort Calgary towards Eau Claire.

city employees are dedicated, regardless of weather
It is the redevelopments east of the Fort which are currently underway. The ground is all dug up and city's employees are working hard to make sure that the closure between Fort Calgary and the Inglewood Bridge will come to an end on schedule - summer of 2012 - with the provision of a comfortable new pathway. Until construction is completed, pedestrians and cyclists - in fact, all pathway users - must detour through the streets of Calgary (9th Ave, SE); luckily, once the new bike lanes are done, it will provide a much safer detour.

The ideal pathway; divided lanes for pedestrians and cyclists.
This section is fully operational between Fort Calgary and Eau Claire 

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