Monday, June 18, 2012

River Walk Part 2 - St. Patrick's Island

WELCOME to St. Patrick's Island!
The well-familiar notice to users, stating the City's plan for the new pathway

The age and condition of the pathway
are visible in the current - still open - path

The Calgary Municipal Land Corp. has brought us the new East Village River Walk. However, that was simply a taste of what is coming. As part of the major redevelopments taking place on St. Patrick's Island (a topic which will be addressed at a later time, stay tuned...), a reconstruction of the Island's pathway is underway. The plan seems to include a boardwalk and nature trails in the soon to be newly redeveloped Island.

More than a century old, the Island used to be one of the most popular areas of the City's pathway. The redevelopments are set to encourage people to come back and enjoy all the Island has to offer; a lovely pathway by the river, connecting the East Village and Fort Calgary to the Zoo and Memorial Dr.; a place for many recreational activities such as Frisbee-Golf and picnic areas. With all the new redevelopments which have been taking place on the Island, it was a matter of time until the pathway be re-established as well.

Construction underway
Construction underway
Currently, only certain areas of the pathway are closed and under construction, whereas the Southern side is still open and is very much in use.

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