Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Stampede by decades; 1920 - 1939

June 26th - July 3rd, 1920
It's safe to assume that when the first ever Calgary Stampede took place, people could not have expected it to be an even bigger event a hundred years later. But it is.
Crowds on 7th Avenue, Calgary

In the next week, this blog will provide pictures of old Stampedes, to show the transformation and the tradition of the Calgary Stampede over the decades. Starting with the years between 1920 - 1939, here is the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede.

First Nations at the Parade, 1920's
Bear Tipi, Blackfoot, 1920's
Chuck-Wagon race, 1920's

Machinery exhibit

Aviation exhibit, Stampede of 1922, exactly ten years running

Red Sublett riding a bull, 1922
Guy Weadick - founder - with a mounted cowboy, 1930
First Nations at the Parade, 1932, exactly 20 years running
Rodeo contestants, 1932
Wild horse race, 1932

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede billboard, 1939

First Nations, 1939
Chuck-Wagon Spill, 1939
Royalty; King George VI & Queen Elizabeth, Stampede 1939
[All pictures are from the Glenbow Museum Archives]

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