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Stampede by decades; 1940 - 1959

Billboard of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, 1940
United Farmers of Alberta Central
Co-operative Association float, 1940's
First Nations at parade, 1940's

In 1942, the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede celebrated its 30th year anniversary. Although the popularity of this event had been growing with each passing year, it was the 1950's that really pushed the Stampede into the World-class event it is today; as population boomed in Calgary during those years, the Stampede enjoyed a broad recognition from locals and tourists.

Pace Car leading Model T Racing, 1942
exactly 30 years running
Red Cross float at the Stampede parade, 1942
Johnny Palmer steer decorating, 1942
Entry to the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, 1950
Stampede Corral, completed in 1950
In addition to the increasing popularity during the 1950's, there were also two major developments in the Stampede grounds; the completion of the Stampede Corral in 1950 and the official opening of the Big Four Building in 1959.

Stampede Week, 1952, exactly 40 years running
Fred Gladstone calf roping, 1952
Bing Crosby with
First Nations, 1959
Gene Barry with Stampede Oldtimers, 1959

Official opening of the Big Four Building, July 6th, 1959

Crowds of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, 1959

[All pictures are from the Glenbow Museum Archives]

Glenbow Museum Archives

Calgary Stampede; History

Canadian Geographic; Calgary Stampede

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