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Stampede by decades; 1960 - 1979

A display of Calgary Exhibition and Stampede posters, 1960
Prime Minister John Diefenbaker at Indian Village, 1960
Chimpanzees in the Stampede
General Manager's office, 1960

Lumberjack climbing a
Spar tree, 1960

Chicken performing tricks in a cage, 1960

The Calgary Exhibition and Stampede has had a growing attendance since its first day, in July 1912. The 1960's and the 1970's were no different. More world-wide celebrities were attending, which of course resulted in more global awareness to the city of Calgary; new exhibits and competitions were forming; the number of visitors in the event was increasing steadily.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede float, parade 1962, exactly 50 years running
Mexican float, Stampede parade, 1962
Stage-coach, July 1962

Chuckwagon race, 1962
First Nations dancers, 1962

Crowd at the Harry Hay's
Stampede breakfast, 1970's
As the Stampede grounds were welcoming more and more people, so did the entire city of Calgary. The crowds were seen all over the city, especially in their enjoyment of the traditional Calgary Stampede Breakfasts - a tradition which is still going and it still tremendously popular!
Stu Hart and Andre the Giant, July 1970

Astronaut James Lovell Jr.
at parade, July 1970

Stampede Parade, 1972, exactly 60 years running
Even though the city mainly enjoyed the effects the Calgary Stampede had on it, the amount of traffic and visitors did take some toll on the city - as best shown through the political cartoonist, Tom Innes', creations;

"A unique 'pothole' designed, presenting street
maintenance division in the parade" - July 1979
"...the entire band from Poohawkitt,
Iowa, fell into a pothole,
during parade"- July, 1979

Young Canadians of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
receiving the annual "White Hatter" award, 1979
[All pictures are from the Glenbow Museum Archives]

Glenbow Museum Archives

Canadian Geographic; Calgary Stampede

Calgary Stampede; History

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