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Stampede by decades; 1980 - 1999

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
poster, 1980
Calf Roping, Stampede 1980

Stampede Queen, princesses,
Mickey Mouse & Al bailey, 1980

The beginning of the 1980's were years of importance. Developments which took place in the City of Calgary, ended up significantly effecting the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede all together. In the year 1980, the Calgary Flames moved to Calgary from Atlanta and started playing in the Stampede Corral (now already a 30-year-old building). In addition to that incredible move, Calgary opened the LRT system, which in return, provided a much easier access to the Stampede Park. Another important event was the introduction to the 14-foot bronze "The Bronc Twister" statue to the Stampede - a statue which still stands today.
Cowboys with shotguns and trophy, 1980
Fogolar furlan float, Stampede parade, 1982,
exactly 70 years running
$500,000 Rodeo, 1982
Helium-filled balloons, Stampede 1982

1982 was also a good year for the Stampede, when the "Half-Million Dollar Rodeo" was announced, making it the biggest prize in the history of the sport.

Hot Air Balloon, 1982
Chuck-Wagon Race, Stampede 1982

Like in any other decade , organizers of the Calgary Stampede, presented new exhibits and activities (like hot air balloon ride) and got rid of old ones which were no longer applicable (like the aviation exhibit); all the while, staying true to the nature of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede with the good-ol'e Canadian Western culture; calf-roping, rodeo and more...
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
poster, 1990
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
poster 1992,
exactly 80 years running
Smithbilt World Championship
cowboy hat stomping, 1992

The year 1999 is especially important - to the Stampede and to us as well. This was the year the Stampede Archives were established, taking responsibility back from the Glenbow Museum Archives. These archives have done more than just provide us - this blog - with awesome pictures and information; these archives have been ensuring the preservation of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede History.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
poster, 1999
Calgary Exhibition and Stampede
program, 1999

[Pictures are from the Calgary Stampede Archives and the Glenbow Museum Archives]

Calgary Stampede; Stampede History

Calgary Stampede Archives

The Glenbow Museum Archives

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