Monday, July 30, 2012

Inglewood welcomes the new Festival Hall... soon

The new Festival Hall, located at the core of Inglewood
The back of the new Festival Hall
With the Folk Festival still fresh in our minds, hearts and hips (for those who have danced), this seems like an appropriate time to offer an update regarding the new Festival Hall.
The new location of the Calgary Folk Music Festival will be right in the core of the fantastic Inglewood. It is purposed to present all the aspects of Folk music all year-round, and not just during the summer festival. In addition to a performance area with 200 seats (approximately), the hall will allow the CFMF to offer different programs throughout the year (inc. workshops, classes and more...), as well as be available for rentals to those who are a part of the City's artistic community.
The latest sign hanging indicates a winter-opening,
which has since been postponed
The idea sounds lovely, no doubt. However the Festival, and all who are involved in one way or another, are sure to be eager and impatient regarding the actual opening of the hall. It seems that the project has had more struggles than successes, with delays dating all the way back to the beginning. Official opening of this year-round hall was originally planned for June 2010. It was then postponed until September of 2011 with the latest sign declaring that in the winter of 2011 it will finally open.
Construction is still going within the new Hall

According to the CFMF blog, and to Jim the construction-man, it will be at the end of this very August that the Folk Festival could finally move out of its current headquarters on Memorial Dr. and start using, and hopefully enjoying, their very own Festival Hall.
Jim the construction-man and employees are working
during the weekend to ensure the August opening

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