Wednesday, July 4, 2012

the National Music Centre in the Stampede!

The new National Music Centre!
As always, the National Music Centre will have a representation in the Calgary Stampede. HOWEVER, unlike previous years, the 2012's focus will not be on the Music Hall of Fame, but rather on something quite different - referring, of course, to the new National Music Centre which is finally coming together!

Representatives of Folk Fest, Sled Island, Reggae Fest, NMC and more... will be joining forces in the new "Bell Centennial Tent", located between the Big Four Building and the Agriculture Building (it's a big blue & white tent, cannot be missed!).

So... whether your'e interested in asking questions, talk music or enjoy the new interactive Music-Trivia game, you should come down to the "Bell Centennial Tent" and someone will be there to accommodate your needs!

The National Music Centre is still looking for volunteers for this year's Stampede. If you can spare a few hours, or are dying to be an active part of this whole concept, please do what I did and contact the centre (simply click on the link below).

Contact information: 

National Music Centre

Calgary Stampede; General Maps

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