Monday, August 6, 2012

RiverWalk Part 4 - the "Before" Pictures

Stage 2 of the RiverWalk project will commence soon;
between 9th and 13th Avenues
There is a lot of interest concerning the progress of the RiverWalk project, a project which is brought to us by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. For everyday-regular pathway users, it might seem reasonable enough to upgrade the quality of the path. However, those who do not frequent the pathway might not fully comprehend the need for this extreme makeover.
The section by the Stampede's
current "Indian Village" is
also in bad condition

On this narrow, winding, unstable path all users
must be careful

The road to Lindsay Park - Stage 3 of the RiverWalk
project - is in very bad condition

The pathway which runs through Lindsay park is cracking...
To those who are not aware, and those who have doubts, these pictures make it perfectly clear that the RiverWalk project is long overdue.
Tiny "Volcanoes" start to erupt
in the middle of the pathway
This is no laughing matter; an indication to the necessity
for  a renewed Pathway

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