Monday, August 20, 2012

Rock the Walk II

"Rock the Walk II": Vendors, Food, Crowds and of course - Music
The East Village has done it again as the RiverWalk got "Rocked" in this sunny August the 18th, during the second annual "Rock the Walk"!

People were enjoying their day on the RiverWalk
Everybody enjoyed everything
vendors were offering

In the shade of the Simmons Building and on the banks of the Bow crowds of people were gathering to enjoy an eventful day in the East Village.

Starting at noon the anticipating vendors could finally see faces heading their way. Slowly but surely a stream of intrigued persons started to flow across the RiverWalk, enjoying the variety of unique products, knowledge and smiles offered to them by the vendors; from Market Collective, people could enjoy art in the form of paintings, jewelry, clothes, handmade ceramic and more... meanwhile, representatives of "Car2Go" were signing up new members and Bike-Calgary were offering free rides on their medium-sized 'Penny-Farthing' bicycles.

Food Trucks provided human's basic need - FOOD
Five Food-Trucks were providing people with their innermost desire - food. Some people came especially for that, while others stayed because of it. As the sun was getting higher, the whole RiverWalk was a delicious mix of scents from doughnuts, hamburgers, fries, salads, sandwiches, bacon, ice-cream and more... and, with the ever so soft breeze arising from the Bow River, the smell of water mingled with the smells of foods created a delightful, mouthwatering experience.

With everything that was going on during this blue-bird day, the Music of this event could have easily gone unnoticed; but the amazing artists who participated really stole the spotlight. Starting us off was "Hello Moth", a perfect act to draw the crowd's attention to the live music in the RiverWalk. The second hour of music brought us "Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk" who got everybody swaying and dancing. "Reuben Bullock and the Dark" was the final act, leaving us all with a taste for more.

Some intended it, some didn't; but no one regretted visiting the
RiverWalk during "Rock the Walk II"
The variety of "Rock the Walk II" was manifested in all aspects from vendors, through food and music to the general public; some came especially to enjoy this event while others were simply enjoying the popular RiverWalk and decided to stop and stay. 100% of all comers agreed that this is a great event and that they would, without a doubt, come back!

East Village Experience


Bike Calgary

Hello Moth

Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk

Reuben Bullock and the Dark

Market Collective

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