Monday, August 13, 2012

Stampede Park Expansion Plan

The wait is over as the major changes of the Stampede Park Development and Expansion Plan have finally started to take place! The new Cowboys Casino, the connective tissue to the western retail street, was just the tip of the iceberg of the long anticipated expansion plan. The plan is set to be completed in 2020 as a way to turn the Stampede Park into a year-round gathering place.
And though the few remaining Victoria Park residents are waiting for the inevitable, when they will be forced to leave their homes in favor of the Stampede, most people are excited. Officials did say that certain buildings - like the white church - will not be harmed, if only relocated, while some structures will have to be rid of.

There are five main aspects to this expansion plan, some occurring inside the grounds, while some will be taking place in the soon-to-be bigger territory of the park:

Olympic Way will be renamed "Stampede Trail" as the north side of the Grounds will turn from parking lots into a gathering space which will include restaurants, retail and office space. This will stretch the land of the Stampede Park all the way up to 12 Avenue SE. Unfortunately, those hoping for a Margaritaville restaurant will be disappointed with the cancellation of that plan.
The proposed plan for the new "Stampede Trail"
This 14th Avenue parking lot
will be converted

"Stampede River Park" will include the new Indian Village with a new Penn West Exploration Stage on the east side of the Elbow River, where pedestrians and drivers will have easy access to the new Park and to the Stampede Grounds; this development is already underway. The relocation of the Village and Stage aims to allow a better, more truthful showcase of First Nations culture. Project is hoped to be completed in 2015.

Pedestrians and drivers can already
enjoy easy access in the developing
Riverfront Park
How the Riverfront Park is destined to be

Location map to the new Exploration Stage, soon to come
Current Indian Village / Stage

A "Youth Campus" will be replacing the current Victoria Hall on the west side of the Elbow river, a project which is also planned for 2015. The campus is set to be an educational and performing arts facility, aiming to cultivate solid western cultural roots. 
The new Youth Campus ideal result,
west side of Elbow River

Victoria Hall is to be reconstructed,
replaced by the Youth Campus

Inside the Grounds, the construction for the new Agrium Western Event Centre has just begun; this educational, 2,500-seat arena complex is set to be completed in 2014 and is located on the south side of the current Agricultural Building. The 150,000 square-foot centre will be a year-round place for agriculture, entertainment, commerce, education and arts.

Construction of the new Agrium Western Event Centre
has commenced

The Big Four Building is going to be a casualty of this enormous Expansion Plan. The ground on which is currently stands will be the new home for a hotel, an exhibit space and streetfront retail. There is also a plan to connect 17th Avenue SE to the west of the Grounds with 4th Street SE by making a level crossing over the LRT tracks.
The famous "Big Four Building" will become a casualty of the new plan
According to Warren Connell, VP of Park Development, the "viability of the park expansion is now at least partly linked to the success of the redeveloping East Village"; a neighbourhood which, according to Connell, "will provide a critical density for a world-class gathering place where Calgarians can bring their families and guests".

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