Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Shamrock Hotel up in flames

The streets were blocked; investigators, police officers, medical teams
and firefighters secured the area after the fire at the Shamrock Hotel
With the air still smelling of fire and with shattered glass spread out on the streets, the iconic Shamrock Hotel did not give in to the fire which attacked it this early morning of August 28th.
Firemen were trying to
gain control over the
damage caused by the fire
The damage is clear in the burnt walls and broken windows

The ladder played a big role in rescuing the trapped
hotel guests from the burning building
The Fire Department responded to the fire alarms early morning and was able to rescue all of the 11 people trapped in the blazing hotel; 3 of those were taken to the hospital while most were unharmed.

According to a fire investigator, the firemen put out the fire without much difficulty; and though the cause is still under investigation, the investigator did confirm the fire took place solely on the inside of the building.

The Fire Department surrounded the Shamrock Hotel while
it investigated the cause of the fire, August 28th, 2012
The Shamrock Hotel has been more than just a place to lay one's head. It has been a place where people gather to drink and dance to the sounds of live music. The bar has been serving drinks to customers for 88 years, which makes it the oldest bar in Calgary. It has been more than a bar and more than a hotel. It has turned into a real icon - a gritty, dirty, lively icon - always hosting the city's most diverse crowd of drinkers.
When so many others of the city's historical hotels have been closed - Cecil, St. Louis, King Eddy and more... - the Shamrock has been the last one standing. Will it stand for much longer? Can it withstand the effects of such brutal a fire? Time will tell...

Smashed windows and shattered glass. Will the damage from this fire
be the end of the iconic Shamrock Hotel??

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