Monday, September 3, 2012

Calgary in Movies

Remember that time when Superman was drunk and evil back in 1983? Breaking bottles in a bar while curious people were gathering outside? Remember Lana's son yelling after him as he stumbles angrily past the people?
1983, Superman III; confused people gathering to watch
the angry and drunk Superman
1983, Superman III; Lana's son is
yelling after a stumbling Superman

Can you recognize the location of these scenes?
For those who said "St. Louis Hotel" in the East Village, two thumbs up.
2012; same exact location as above,
29 years later with a now-closed St. Louis Hotel
2012; same exact location as above,
29 years later

How about Superman after he ran away from the people... that famous scene where he flies away over the C-Train as the Calgary Tower rises behind?

Superman III was not the only film to use the East Village as a film set and Christoper Reeve was not the only world renown actor to visit the old St. Louis Hotel; in 2007 the ever-cool Samuel L. Jackson starred in "Resurrecting the Champ" ( with Josh Hartnett). As you can see, the East Village is unmistakable in the snapshots below.

2007, "Resurrecting the Champ"; the hooded Mr. Jackson
is standing in front of the St. Louis Hotel
2007, "Resurrecting the Champ";
4th Street SE sign clear at the back

2012; same exact location proves that a lot
can change in mere 5 years
2012; same exact location
shows some changes; pavement,
fireworks shop is now a gas station

These two films above are not the only international films to use Calgary as a filming location. What these two movies have in common - apart from the St. Louis Hotel - is that Calgary is extremely identifiable; there is absolutely no mistaking in the clear land marks.

Can YOU think of other non-Canadian movies in which the City of Calgary's features are clear and visible?
Tell us, or even show us, Calgary in Movies...
We'll be waiting to hear from you!!

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