Monday, September 24, 2012

Evolution's Ground Breaking Event!

Welcome to EVOLUTION!
The lot of the first phase of Evolution - FUSE - after it broke ground, 2012
Thursday, August 13th was a day to remember. After many years of anticipation, the East Village is officially the "place to be"! FUSE, by Embassy Bosa Inc., broke ground Thursday, becoming the first residential building in the East Village Revitalization project.

The project broke ground, 2012
The street corner of the new FUSE building, East Village

In the past five years, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has done some major changes to the East Village. One of those changes is directly linked to Embassy Bosa Inc; in 2010, the company was the first, in over a decade, to sign a land deal in the East Village, introducing its Evolution Project. The Evolution Project is divided into 3 phases;

The Evolution Project vision
1. FUSE, residential and retail; comprise of a high-rise of 21 floors and a mid-rise of 8 floors. A total number of 203 condos. This project broke ground on August 13, 2012 and is set to be completed within 25-29 months, by late 2014.
2. PULSE; a 33-floors high-rise and the tallest building in the Evolution Project. Construction is set to begin in 2013.
3. Phase 3; comprise of two mid-rise buildings. Since this is the last phase by Embassy Bosa Inc. no dates are known at this time.

An interior image of an apartment of FUSE
An interior image of FUSE

"These projects, having the first one off the ground, really provides a validity to the whole project" said Lyle Edwards, Chair of CMLC, stating out loud what we all feel. Edwards also added that now that the residential projects are coming to Life, more retailers have shown a high interest in becoming a part of the EV neighbourhood.

There is no denying the words of Ryan Bosa, President of Embassy Bosa Inc, about the ground breaking event Thursday; "We're off to the races!... It's a great day for our buyers and for the rejuvenation of East Village".

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