Monday, September 10, 2012

Inglewood's National Hotel

The National Hotel in Inglewood, August 2012
The old National Hotel, 1910;
3 years after it was built
Built in 1907, the National Hotel has seen a lot. Its operation as a hotel and tavern, back in 1908, was just the beginning. Since then it has been a dirty pub, has hosted many up-and-coming artists and even has seen the area become the prostitution district of Calgary... for a while.

Much has been completed, much is still to be done
The National Hotel is still alive and has new Life starting to flow through it as renovations get closer to completion.
After years of expectations, disappointments, investments and problems, the National Hotel of Inglewood will enjoy its new life as an office and retail space, welcoming its new residents by the end of this year.
Construction is underway
Construction is underway

John Kerr is always on site, working hard to ensure
the successful renovations of the beloved National Hotel
John Kerr, owner of the National Hotel and Vice President of Inglewood Business Revitalization Zone board, has confirmed that around Christmas 2012 the Hotel will welcome its first resident - an engineering company which will occupy the second and third floor of the building.
The first floor is still under major renovations and no official lease has been signed yet. However, according to Mr. Kerr, one fancy restaurant - name is yet to be revealed - is most likely to be signing the lease.

As for the East End Livery Barn... well that is practically occupied already, by none other than "Canadian Pickers". The true nature of the old barn as an Auction house is supposed to remain intact.
East End Livery Barn, already the home of new tenants
The renovations of the National Hotel mean more than just business; this three-stories Hotel is a heritage building and is a valuable part of the historic Inglewood. Its architecture, history and location have made this building a local landmark.
Carpenter Bill and colleague posing for the camera;
proud of the work they have achieved already...

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  1. It's amazing the great care and efforts John Kerr has put into restoring the hotel and barn!

    1. It's nice to know someone is really cares. Can't wait to see the final result!