Tuesday, September 18, 2012

RiverWalk Part 5 - Stage 1 is open!

The sun shines on the new section of the RiverWalk
A cyclist already enjoying the Super-Highway

After a long wait, the new section of the bikepath, wrapping around Fort Calgary, is finally open for all to enjoy. The Bicycle Super-Highway now stretches from the Centre Street Bridge, eastward through the East Village and all the way to Inglewood.

[A minor detour still exists due to the construction of St. Patrick's Island Bridge.]

With the new section open, users can run, cycle and walk along the river,
sit on the new benches and enjoy the fresh air

Stage 1 of the RiverWalk connects to the pathway under
the Inglewood Bridge. Soon, Stage 2 sill start developing
from that connection southward along the Elbow River

Stage 2 of Calgary Municipal Land Corporation's RiverWalk Project will cover the area between 9th Avenue, SE and 13th Avenue, SE. The construction start date for this stage is yet to be announced.

CMLC; RiverWalk Master Plan

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