Monday, October 15, 2012

Fluid Festival brings flow to the East Village

ContainR - "A kaleidoscope of theatre, cinema, dance and performing arts
travelling in a nomadic gallery caravan" - Springboard Website quote
If you've noticed all the shipping containers on the RiverWalk Plaza, East Village, during the past 5 days, don't worry; the East Village is not moving away, the containers are all part of the ContainR Event of the Fluid Festival.
The Fluid Movement Arts Festival has been running in Calgary for 7 years; two years ago it introduced the city with its ContainR event; an event where recycled shipping containers are being used as the stages for the performance, visual and audible arts. The organization in-charge is Springboard Performance: A non-for-profit organization which is devoted to connectivity by means of contemporary arts.
Recycled shipping containers, part of the ContainR Event

A TV screen on top of a Container

In order to provide the audience with visual arts, collaborating with the Fluid Festival is MOCA - the Museum of Contemporary Arts Calgary. From within the Simmons Building, MOCA presents two unique exhibits:
* Dancing with Che, by Barbara Astman
* Brushes of Insomnia, by Rolando Rojas (in collaboration with The Consulate of Mexico and Galeria Alberto Misrachi)

Most (not all) of the performances are either free, or under the "pay as you can" mantra, thus allowing all people to enjoy this utterly unique event. After all, it's the only one of its kind between Ontario and British Columbia.

Getting the ready for evening's event

Due to a last-minute change of venues (it was originally supposed to take place on Stephen's Avenue rather than the EV), some of the performances has been changed or cancelled; to fully enjoy the fluid effect and to be able to see all this event has to offer, it's best to go during the evenings and over the weekend. That is when all the action takes place!

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