Monday, October 1, 2012

The Rock-Skipping Bridge of St. Patrick's Island

Construction is at full speed

St. Patrick's Island Bridge is a $25M project, presented by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. After a rough competition, the winning design was announced in 2010; design team RFR (Paris) and Halsall Associated Limited (Calgary). The bridge, connecting the East Village and Bridgeland through St. Patrick's Island, is said to resemble a rock skipping over water. With the CMLC's planned makeover of St. Patrick's Island and the entire Revitalization Project of the East Village neighbourhood, the bridge will play a valuable part as a pedestrian highway.

Constant and consistent work will allow the scheduled opening; Fall 2013

On July 24, 2012, EvFreePress posted an article named "The Bridges of the East Village", in which the subject of St. Patrick's Island Bridge was mentioned, but not in a good way:
At the time the construction of said bridge, which commenced in early 2012, had reached a halt and the site appeared abandoned. Another issue was the accusation of wrongful contracting practices regarding the lighting contract of the bridge; Nemalux, a Calgary-based company, lost the contract to a foreign company, despite a lower bid and proximity to the bridge.

The construction's temporary bridges, span between the North side of the
Bow River and the South side of the Bow River, through St. Patrick's Island
However, it seems as if time did its magic; contracts have been signed and anger seems to have subdued. Is it all "water under the bridge"? - time will tell and not before long; construction of the bridge has recently resumed and is currently going at full speed! With the constant and consistent work, pedestrians can expect to start enjoying the new bridge as scheduled, in the Fall of 2013.

Temporary bridge for construction;
East Village side
Temporary bridge for construction;
St. Patrick's Island side

The current bridge was built in the early 1900

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