Monday, November 5, 2012

East Village Re-Cap

The East Village has been going through a lot in the past few years, with the CMLC (Calgary Municipal Land Corporation) changing it almost beyond recognition. Every so often, it's good to stop and smell the flowers which, at the moment, seem to be growing mainly in the East Village:

New and Improved Pathway
# A bicycle-highway and a new-&-improved pedestrian path, make up the RiverWalk which travels all the way between Centre St. Bridge and the Inglewood Bridge. This pathway will travel even further, all the way down to Lindsay Park, once Stage 2 and Stage 3 are completed. A new pedestrian bridge connecting Fort Calgary directly to Inglewood is also planned.

# Century-old St. Patrick's Island Bridge has been under construction, creating a unique and modern bond between Memorial Dr. / Bridgeland and the East Village. The project is a part of the Master Plan for the entire St. Patrick's Island, turning this 31-acre island into a popular area where nature meets urban.
Design of the new St. Patrick's Island Bridge

"Evolution Project"
"First Project"
# Residential buildings have already broken ground in the East Village, with major construction underway. Over half of the apartments have been already sold! As time goes by, more buyers and more retailers become interested in being part of this adventure.

Even though the CMLC has been taking care of the EV, this organization is not the only one who is actively participating in redeveloping the Eastern-Inner-City area:

Fort Calgary Expansion Plan
# Fort Calgary is going through its own Expansion and Restoration Plan, including an expanded museum, school and meeting spaces, a 360° view-second story and more...

A conceptual New Central Library

# The Calgary Public Library is joining forces with the City of Calgary to build a New Central Library in the East Village. Plans are already underway with an effort to encourage involvement of the general public.

The new National Music Centre
# Spring will be the season for the new National Music Centre to break ground in the East Village. The new Centre will integrate heritage and modern, by means of incorporating the old King Eddy's hotel to the new structure.

# Stampede Grounds is expanding far beyond its current boundaries. The expansion will include a new Agrium building, a Youth Campus, a new Indian Village/Stage, a demolition of the old Big Four building (to be replaced by a hotel and an exhibition space) and a huge gathering space (replacing the North parking lot).

# It seems as if the East Village will also be the home of a new High-Speed Rail, which will connect Calgary to Edmonton.

There is a lot more going on around the East Village and Inglewood. Past Posts have all the info and all the pictures. This re-cap is just a reminder of how vital this area, especially the East Village, is becoming. With interesting and fun events happening constantly, make sure you stop and smell the flowers. Or at least, make sure you stop and enjoy the East Village.

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