Monday, November 12, 2012

First Pedestrian-Only Street, East Village

Riverfront Lane, East Village
At the end of October, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation opened Riverfront Lane in the East Village. This is the neighbourhood's first pedestrian-only street; 200-meter long; 17.6-meter wide; connecting Riverfront Avenue to the North and 6th Avenue SE to the South.

Located between the LRT tracks
and the EV Sales Centre

As if the solely-for-pedestrian street was not festive enough, by opening Riverfront Lane, CMLC also unveiled the East Village's second major Art installation, by artist Ron Moppett - "THESAMEWAYBETTER/READER".

According to Moppett "Its (the project's) five panels tell a story of genesis of a place; a village and neighbourhood; a city and a province all presented in a manner which is, abstract, ambiguous, open, colourful and playful".

Moppett Collaborated with German craftsmen in installing this Mosaic;
made up of 956,321 glass tiles
True, it's no longer news that the new street is now open. However, it's important to ensure a city-wide awareness to this manifestation of Art and rejuvenation. For those who have missed the big news when it was first released, exploit this opportunity to become aware of the never-ceasing redevelopment of the East Village.

In contrast to the cold weather and the white snow, the colours and structure of the new Art installation provide warmth and life to all who witness it, as well as to the entire neighbourhood.

So do as the artist desires and "give over to the colour and the images, and imagine what it all adds up to be.

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