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SoBow, resurrection in Inglewood

SoBow Sales Centre, 1640 17a Street, SE
Regarding SoBow as resurrection cannot be more accurate: Optimally located between Pearce Estate Park and Blackfoot Tr., SoBow is a new, mixed-used residential condo project. Actually "new" is not entirely correct; in 2009, Statesman Corp. introduced Riverside Quays as the first phase of their condo project. However, construction was halted in 2010 and the project hasn't been touched since. That is until recently, when M2i Development Corporation - under Matco Investment Ltd. - took control over the project.
Riverside Quays, phase 1 completed in 2009 by Statesmen Corp.

M2i's new / old construction site
Some structure will remain, while others replaced
1912Cross will be the first building in this new stage of development; construction is set to commence in the Spring of 2013, with first occupants to move-in around December 2014. The building will comprise of 120 units and will include both condos and townhouses, commune-gardens, balconies and more... On the construction site, only some of the already existing structures were included in the new design and will remain as they are. The rest will get destroyed or retouched as M2i will prepare the site for the company's new idea. Preparation starts immediately, so that construction will begin as scheduled.

According to Ted Gaisford, Sales Program Manager for M2i, it is vitally important for the company to stay true to the nature of Inglewood while still bringing a bold and modern appeal; "we are trying to make it look like the building was already there and we just added a few new touches" said Gaisford. A contemporary / vintage design is not the only way in which M2i is making the effort to conserve the heritage of Inglewood - the name means history as well; A.E Cross established the Calgary Brewing and Malting Company and was also one of the "Big Four" - supporting the first ever Calgary Stampede in 1912. Hence the name - 1912Cross. Gaisford mentioned that the plan is to ensure each phase will have a name with relations to history.

1912Cross; an artistic way to showcase the first project from SoBow
M2i's vision for SOuth of the BOW is " create a vibrant urban village that connects residents to their neighbours, to their community and to their city." Not a better spot can be found: Blackfoot Trail to the south and Deerfoot Trail to the east provide easy access to the busy and full life of the City; Pearce Estate Park and the Bow River to the north allow opportunity to enjoy some peace and quiet, all year long; Inglewood to the west awards residents with one of the City's most unique and heritage-full neighbourhoods.
All elements of Inglewood as presented by a NY artist; history and current
Support of the SoBow project is coming from everywhere; including the residents of Riverside Quays, who are considering to change their name in order to associate themselves with the new owners, M2i.

SoBow Sales Centre - interactive, informative and pleasant
The Sales Centre is currently open by appointment only, with official grand opening to occur in January, 2013. Until then, trust me, making an appointment is worth the time; staff is informative, knowledgeable and pleasant; it is an interactive centre which offers visitors the opportunity to not just feel involved - but be involved; the design includes a large space presenting all the possibilities of each home, and a marvelous drawing of Inglewood's elements on the back wall (by a NY artist).

Please note that 1912Cross is merely phase 2-out-of-6 in the SoBow project, which contain a total of 694 units, including condos, townhouses and even retail. Visitors and residents will be able to enjoy the SoBow's services, as well as the river and park, in what is promised to be a wonderful new community.

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