Monday, January 7, 2013

Calgary Police Association moving out of the EV

The Calgary Police Association Union Headquarters
In July 2012, Calgary Police members voted in favor of a $19.5M conditional deal, to sell their union headquarters located in the East Village.
After suffering from several floods, it became clear that the building's old age has been taking its toll; Calgary Police Association president Les Kaminski said that it had become too expansive to maintain.

The building's old age is not the only reason for the sale; when it was purchased sometime in the 1970's, the building was then located near the former Police headquarters. However, the Police central station had since moved to the NE, in the old Nortel Factor, making the location of the union building less than ideal. The new building will have to be located somewhere closer to the main home of the Calgary Police Services. Furthermore, according to Kaminski, there is a desire and a need to offer a variety of services in the new union base, which were not possible in the current location, to better serve Police members; services are set to include child-care, on-site dentist and a place for police veterans to meet.

Due to the massive Revitalization the East Village neighbourhood is currently undergoing, the land is a worthy investment, even if it's no longer an ideal gathering spot for the CPA. Susan Veres from the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation stated the land to be; "...a wonderful property. We look at it as a gateway into East Village."

There is still no information beyond the details of the sale: Who conditionally purchased the land? When will the deal be official and complete? What will come instead of the current, old CPA building?

One thing is for certain; with everything that has been going on in the neighbourhood under CMLC's huge investment in rejuvenating the EV, expectations are high.

What do you think will come instead of the Police union headquarters?
What do you want to have instead of the CPA building?

Let us know...

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