Thursday, February 7, 2013

East Village's FIRST is Breaking Ground

Breaking News of Thursday, February 7th;
CMLC and FRAM+Slokker executives in the traditional
Holding-of-the-shovel; breaking ground of FIRST

After much anticipation, FIRST - phase one from FRAM+Slokker development partnership - broke ground in East Village!
This is just an exciting announcement so that the World - or possibly just Calgary - will know about this ground breaking event. Things are happening, things are moving and East Village is shaping up to be all that was promised!

Not to worry, EvFreePress will provide all the photos and all the details regarding this new stage of EV Rejuvenation project, including;
What is FIRST? And - What more does FRAM+Slokker have in store for East Village?

Full article will be posted on Monday, February 11th...

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