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National Music Centre starting to play

Heather Klimchuk, Andrew Mosker , Jason Kenney, Anne Murray, Naheed Nenshi
Celebrating the groundbreaking event of the National Music Centre was nothing short of splendid; a delightful gathering of volunteers, executives, philanthropists and dignitaries, all came to honour this unique project. Now, it's all hands on deck.

All hands on deck for the construction of the NMC
The idea for the NMC was first proposed around 2009 by the Cantos Music Foundation, when the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation was looking for a way to commemorate and revitalize the King Eddy Hotel. The idea was to incorporate the historical building into a National Music Centre. 4 years and much planning, development and funding later, the project is officially on its way to materialization.

Calgary based company CANA is
overseeing the construction

The new National Music Centre
The new National Music Centre will be a 160,00 square feet of cultural galore, integrating heritage and modernism. NMC will include: five floors of exhibitions; a radio broadcasting studio; a performance space; artists residence; recording studios; classrooms for educations programs for all-ages; a café; a gift shop; the Canadian Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame; and the Kind Eddy hotel as a public house / restaurant / live music venue. A walkway will connect the east and west sides of 4th St. SE

It seems there is no doubt as to the importance of a National Music Centre, especially here in Calgary; "No better instrument than music to unite people" said Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism. In an echo to those words, Mayor Nenshi later added that "the one thing we (City Council members) are united on is the need to invest in the arts..." and AB Premier Alison Redford concluded in joy that it's "so important we're not just talking culture but we're living culture".

Jason Kenney, Minister of
Immigration, Citizenship and
AB Premier Alison Redford and
Heather Klimchuk, AB Minister of

City of Calgary Mayor - Naheed Nenshi; happy to be there
With the tremendous revitalization project it has been going under, East Village is undoubtedly the perfect location for a cultural centre of this magnitude; after all, it is the "Newest Oldest" neighbourhood in Calgary and the King Eddy Hotel is undeniably in need of some preservation.

The Iconic King Eddy Hotel; Home of the Blues! 

King Eddy Hotel in need of

Same as all other facilities and amenities in East Village, this too has a winning location; 9th Ave. and both sides of 4th St. SE. The relatively new 4th St. SE underpass connects the new NMC to the Stampede Park and all the park's future expansions, while proximity to East Village (north) and Downtown (west), makes it ideal for residents and visitors.

NMC's campaign total is $150M; $135M for the building project and $15M for related development and programming. All levels of Government have committed to a total of $75M (approx. $25M each), leaving the rest for the National Music Centre to raise; with Governments' funding, the mark is currently at $97M. The remaining funds are being raised through the private sector and philanthropic organizations across the country.
It's important to understand the funding status because every little bit helps. A single individual can support the National Music Centre in many ways (funding is only one option); to learn more about being involved, please visit

The National Music Centre is set to open in 2015. Now that's something too look forward to!

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