Monday, March 11, 2013

St. Patrick's Island Construction is a GO!

St. Patrick's Island Closure notice
St. Patrick's Island joins today the honourable list of CMLC's rejuvenation projects. With the new "skipping rock" bridge on schedule (and on budget), it seems an appropriate time to start revitalizing this over-a-century-old Island.
St. Patrick's Island Closure notice

St. Patrick's Island bridge is on time ! !
The Island is one of Calgary's oldest public spaces, as its evolution as a park commenced as early as the late 1890's; approximately a decade later, the current pedestrian bridge was built (yes, this bridge is about a 100 years old) and the park's development was advanced. Therefore, it is of no surprise that redevelopment is upon us.

Empty, unused spaces on
St. Patrick's Island
Empty, unused spaces on
St. Patrick's Island

Although not officially a part of East Village, the Island is an integral part of the neighbourhood and the Riverwalk, making its construction an essential part of EV Revitalization project.

The location of the Island and its intended use, all but officially
make it a part of East Village
Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has raised the standards for outdoor public spaces and pathway and it is time for St. Patrick's Island to change accordingly. The Island was re-imagined by the NY-based W Architecture and Denver-based CIVITAS team.

Standards of pathway and outdoor spaces have been set high;
old St. Patrick's Island must keep up...
A conceptual photo of what is to be expected from
the redevelopment of St. Patrick's Island
Here's what the improved Island will have to offer; a restored lagoon between St. Patrick's Island and its neighbour - St. George's Island*; embellished river access; a boat launch and landing area; nature trails and boardwalks; amphitheatre; picnicking and play area and possibly a riverside beach and concession stands. Sounds tempting indeed!

Anticipation of this revitalization project is undoubtedly high. It will definitely be heart-warming to see this historic part of the City being enjoyed again by Calgarians.

It will be heart-warming to see this beautiful Island being enjoyed again

The Island will be closed starting today, March 11th, until Fall 2014. 

*For those who don't know, or who have forgotten, St. Patrick's Island and St. George's Island are technically two separate islands who have been joined together; the Zoo is located on St. George's Island which will remain entirely accessible.

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