Monday, April 22, 2013

Stampede Park Expansion Update

Stampede Expansion!
Shortly after the celebrations of the 2012 Centennial Calgary Stampede ended last Summer, EvFreePress published an elaborated post about the Stampede Park Expansion Plan; all the plans, current construction, photos and conceptual photos were included in said post.
Today, it's all about the update...

Construciton of the New Agrium Centre

As the Calgary Stampede is an annual event, redeveloping the entire park at once would leave no room for the actual celebrations. Currently, the main project underway is the new Agrium Western Event Centre, located on the South side of the existing Agricultural Building. Completion of the 150,000 square-foot venue is planned for Spring 2014. This 2,500-seat arena complex will be a year-round place for education, arts, entertainment, commerce and, of course, agriculture.

New Agrium Centre is set to open in Spring 2014
There is a bit of construction at the Grand Stand as well however, it doesn't seem like it's anything that will interfere with the show when the time comes.

Construction at the Grand Stand; should be done in time for Stampede
Construction at the Grand Stand
Construction at the Grand Stand

The existing Agricultural Building will provide its usual services come July, as the new centre will not yet be complete. How will Stampede officials organize the event around the construction is yet to be seen; Here at EvFreePress we have faith!

New Agrium Centre, located next to current Agriculture Building

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