Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bridges of Bridgeland-Riverside

While the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation is working hard on revitalizing East Village, other massive redevelopment projects are occurring all around. Such is the City of Calgary's "The Bridges" in the Bridgeland-Riverside Community: A three-phase renovation project, all between Centre Avenue NE and Memorial Drive. Once complete, this entire project is set to be home to retail and commercial businesses as well as to approx. 2,000-2,500 residents. An "Urban Village" - as referred to by the City of Calgary - with easy access to public transit, recreational amenities, downtown Calgary, the Bow River, the Zoo and, of course, to East Village.

Here is what to expect;

Phase I: Eight parcels, as well as Murdoch Park and the General Avenue Plaza. Four parcels located on the north side of Centre Avenue NE, between 7A and 9A Streets NE, all of which are mid-rise residential projects of anywhere between 4 and 6 storeys. These have townhouses as base units and apartments on upper levels. The other four parcels are all located along 1st Avenue NE; three are mixed-use buildings with retail at street level and residential units above; fourth parcel is for residential, live-work and commercial use.
Phase I is now complete!

Phase II: The parcels of this phase are located between McDougall Rd. NE and Memorial Dr. This phase includes a pedestrian bridge to the Bridgelang LRT station, McPherson Place, roads and streetscapes. In 2005, four parcels were sold to private-sector builders who will create multi-family residential projects of anywhere between 8 and 10 storeys. A fifth parcel is an attainable housing development.

Phase III: These parcels are located east of 9 Street NE, between Centre Avenue and McDougall Rd. These lands will be the base of four multi-family residential developments of up to 7 storeys. Infrastructure construction is almost complete including roads, streetscapes and McPherson Place. Parcels of this phase are set to be offered to private sector builder this year, 2013. McPherson Place has been complete since late January, 2013, with residents already living in their apartments, enjoying this undeniably-great location.

"The Bridges" has been going on for a few years and it is not yet finished; this was a mere introduction into this incredible project which is brought to us by the City of Calgary. More is to come...

City of Calgary; The Bridges

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