Monday, May 20, 2013

New Art Installation in East Village

The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has done a lot of good in East Village during the last few years by transforming it, redeveloping it and making it a beloved area to ride, walk or drive through. One of the main elements which make the neighbourhood unique, is CMLC's "Art in the Public Realm" program, which combines temporary and permanent art works around the community.

Where "I am the River" used to be
"I am the River" being
scraped off

"I am the River", by Derek Besant, was the first temporary art installation in EV and was, above all, interesting; for better or worse it caused a reaction from viewers and Riverwalk users, which was exactly what the artist aimed to achieve. However now, after more than two years, it is gone making room for the next artist to present their talent.

Where "I am the River" used to be
"I am the River" being
scraped off

"The Field Manual - A Compendium of Local Confluence" is brought to us by three local artists; Daniel J. Kirk, Ivan Ostapenko and Kai Cabunoc-Boettcher, also referred to as the "Light and Soul" trio. Beating out many other contenders, their creativity and perception will be displayed around East Village with each artist bringing something else to the table: Kai has experience in urban gardens and other community art projects; Daniel has his heart on urbanization, culture and connection and is not a stranger to inner-city art displays and Ivan has the logical/practical mind of the group.

Here is what the artists had to say about their work:
"... The work - a collection of ideas - merges past, present and future into a playful interpretation of place... This place is a confluence of nature, culture and infrastructure... specific context where the Elbow River meets the Bow, old traditions intersect and inform new trends and displacement/replacement, growth and decay are evident..."

Photo take from Ev Experience Website
In order to showcase their work as scheduled in early June (coming up...), the artists will take the next few weeks to complete the installation process. "The Field Manual" will include paint, photography, steel, vinyl, EPS foam, print, vector lines, stucco, and more...

Riverwalk users are not the only ones anxious with anticipation for the new project. The "Light and Soul" ensemble is also excited about sharing their work with the public.

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