Monday, June 24, 2013

East Village Under Water

East Village is one of the neighbourhoods that suffered the most from the flood that hit Calgary:

# Evolution and FIRST will have to work hard to repair the damage the water has caused to their construction sites.

# The unfinished St. Patrick's Island Bridge had parts of it broken and swept away downstream by the Bow River.

# River had covered the construction sites of the Elbow River Traverse - both sides of the River - and there's no telling how long the recovery process will be.

Damage has flown through EV and all neighbouring communities; it's hard to tell how long it will take to regroup and redo everything CMLC and partners have worked so hard to achieve until now.

Now, my dear readers, this is the one single photo I have to share with you. A photo which, I think, simply says it all.

Elbow and Bow Rivers confluence by East Village and Inglewood;
Rivers overflow is obvious

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