Monday, June 17, 2013

Old Seafood Market Demolished

Old Seafood Market in East Village is being demolished
In the past two years the old seafood market in East Village was anything but a market; it was a place for artists to meet, work and create. It was - Seafood Market Studios.

Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has always been pushing towards highlighting and supporting the arts in East Village, so it was no surprise that back in 2010 CMLC collaborated with Calgary Arts Development Authority in order to make the best of the still existing, 24,000-square-foot old seafood market and turn it into an art-central; a workspace for over 50 local artist.

Although the concept helped in establishing the arts and culture within the neighbourhood, it was never planned to be permanent, as the building was scheduled to be demolished... which brings us to here and now.

Demolition of the old structure has commenced, or is it better to say - had happened. The building is no longer standing however, there is still much work to do in cleaning the area and making it ready for development.

There is not much information as to what is coming instead of the old market. All we can say is that the land is part of FRAM+Slokker multi-parcels development for retail and residential purposes; details are not yet available. FIRST, the companies' initial project, is already under construction in East Village.

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