Monday, July 8, 2013

Major impacts of the Flood

Everybody is aware of the devastation caused by the flood that hit Alberta several weeks ago. Calgary is doing relatively well in its recovery process, thanks to Mayor Naheed Nenshi, city employees and thousands of volunteers, but there is still a lot to be done.

East Village is one of the Downtown neighbourhoods that was affected the most from the flood and although most of Downtown Calgary is back in business, certain areas in this community are still considered unsafe.
In addition to the many evacuees that have yet to return to their homes, two major construction sites have been significantly hurt by the rain and the overflowing river;

# St. Patrick's Island Bridge suffered the biggest hit in East Village. Scheduled to open this coming fall, 2013, the bridge's construction was on time and on budget. But with broken foundations and accumulated debris, there is no knowing when the bridge will be completed. Estimations are for another year until completion.

# Evolution, by Embassy Bosa, seem to have also suffered a major hit - mainly because construction was going so well; the hole that was already dug up and under construction has filled up with water - water which is still being pumped out over a week after the flood hit. More water had been pumped out since photos were taken, but the ground is still neither dry nor empty.

If you continue downstream from EV you will be able to see the impact the flood had on Harvie Pass; big rocks have been pushed to shore; old structures were destroyed while new ones appeared - a chain of events which resulted in the river taking a new course - and there is even a new branch of the Bow River which is flowing where land and trees once were.

So far the City of Calgary and CMLC have proven themselves to be resourceful and strong. As far as managing and overcoming the major damages caused by the flood we here, at EVFreePress, have faith!

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