Monday, August 19, 2013

Construction Update

It's been a while since our last update of the construction happening in East Village; in fact, all the recent updates were flood-related. Not today! Today we celebrate the development that is still taking place all over the rejuvenating neighbourhood with just a few photos that say it all.

550 Riverfront Avenue, SE - the address of FIRST
First up - FIRST; after breaking ground on Feb-07-2013, the project is under non-stop construction and is set to be welcoming first residents in early 2015.

Construction of FIRST is well underway

Evolution, by Embassy Bosa, is also progressing rather quickly.

Construction is progressing tremendously in the site of EVOLUTION
The recovery of this project is quite impressing considering the big hit it suffered from the flood.

One last update is regarding the progress in the construction of 7th Ave SE.

East Village's 7th Avenue SE; looking good...

After being closed for so long, it seems as if East Village's part of this avenue will be open for use pretty soon.

There are more exciting updates in the form of 3 major developments that are yet to come to the revitalizing community:
# Pulse, from Embassy Bosa, the second phase of the Evolution project.
# Riverhouse and Verve, from FRAM+Slokker, the next step from the developers of FIRST.

Riverhouse, FRAM+Slokker
Verve, FRAM+Slokker
However, because this post is specifically about current construction update, expect all the current details and available photos of these new and exciting steps - and more - in two weeks.

(No available photo for Embassy Bosa's PULSE)

It's not news anymore that East Village is the place to be. It's merely exciting to see how well things are progressing; and they are, without a doubt. "Old" projects are well underway with construction and expecting residents, while new project are popping up throughout the entire neighbourhood. Thanks to the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation there is always something more to look forward to and there is always another reason to celebrate.

FRAM Homes; FIRST in East Village

Evolution Calgary; Home

EvFreePress; FIRST Phase is Underway

EvFreePress; EVOLUTION's Ground Breaking Event

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