Monday, August 12, 2013

River Passage Park

Construction on the SW bank of Harvie Pass
If lately you visited Harvie Passage you may have noticed the construction that is taking place on the SW bank of the river; perhaps you thought it's the process of fixing the damage caused by the recent flood... it is not. In fact, it's something rather different - River Passage Park!

River Passage Park is a permanent environmental artwork, made out of conceptual and physical elements, which will portray the City's relationship with the Bow River and its watershed.

This project is all about enhancing the experience of inner-city nature for humans and wildlife:
* Animals will benefit from an improvement in movement corridors and near-river activities.
* People will enjoy an overall superior connection to the river.

Conceptual image of River Passage Park by Lorna Jordan.
Photo taken from the City of Calgary Website
Here is what we can expect; a series of platforms and a beautiful cave-like seating area offering views of the river and surrounding landscapes; pathways for people to experience and connect with the artwork and the environment (these will connect with Calgary's trail system and with river access points); a place which will serve as an incentive for a series of "community events and workshops" that explore, celebrate and relate to Inglewood's relationship with the river.

Conceptual image of River Passage Park by Lorna Jordan.
Photo taken from the City of Calgary Website
Artist Lorna Jordan's design will be textured, engaging and interactive, aiming to offer interest throughout the changing seasons. The artwork will also represent a link to the past by using native materials and species which have shaped the scenery and economy of the area. Most importantly, River Passage Park will be all about capturing the great influence and function of the Bow River watershed as well as the elements that act upon it.

River Passage Park is one in a series of 8 permanent public art projects defined in the City of Calgary's Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) Public Art Plan - the first of its kind in N. America. The Plan was established on the idea that public art, combined with other practices, can lead to monumental places that support sustainability and care of the environment.

This particular project is a collaboration between Alberta Environment and Alberta Infrastructure, Public Art Program, UEP Department, Parks Foundation Calgary, City of Calgary Park and the Inglewood Community Association.

Construction is set to be
complete in 2014
Construction is set to be completed in 2014

The Project has just commenced and is planned to be completed in the Fall of 2014... 

City of Calgary: River Passage Park - Public Art Project

Inglewood Community Association: River Passage Park

City of Calgary: UEP, Public Art Plan

Lorna Jordan: The Artist

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