Monday, September 16, 2013

FRAM+Slokker; More is Coming

FRAM+Slokker continue to bring life into East Village with more residential and commercial developments coming soon to the neighbourhood.

The Parcels of FRAM+Slokker: FIRST = Under Construction!
Q = Verve / M = Riverhouse / N = Yet to come...

With FIRST being under heavy construction, the companies can proceed with presenting their newest and latest projects to the public; first one up is Verve, parcel Q, located on 5th street and 7th ave SE.

As a whole, Verve is made out of 200 residential and office units and will have a designated office building on the northern side of the land (120 sq.ft. spaces). Like FIRST, Verve will include condominiums as well as the very-popular live/work units on the lower floors. The average unit size is approximately 750 sq.ft. and starting at about $200,000.
Residents and passersby can - of course - expect retail services, as retail seems to be an integral part of the developing East Village and all EV-related projects.

Currently, FRAM+Slokker are still facing some hurdles from the City of Calgary in receiving all the permits and documents needed to get this project going, however the Sales-Launch is planned for the end of October and the model-suits inside the East Village Experience Centre will be changed to accommodate what Verve has to offer. The hope is to commence construction in the Fall of 2014. All those who have been waiting and who are interested, please use this link to register;

The New Calgary; Verve Registration!

But wait! There is more! Riverhouse is yet another project by FRAM+Slokker, located on the west side of the historic Simmons Building.

Riverhouse is a slightly different project than what we have been seeing in the rejuvenating community, in that it is more upscale and exclusive; 12 units spread out over 6 floors. Starting at $1 million, the smallest space is about 2,000 sq.ft and the largest is approximately 3,600 sq.ft.
Location-wise, it doesn't get better than this; river to the north, heritage to the east and downtown Calgary to the west. Residents will be able to enjoy river-facing terraces and proximity to the new culinary services which are coming to the Simmons Building. IDEAL!

The project was submitted this summer, with construction hopefully starting in the summer of 2014.

Like the mood of this project, so goes the registration; there will be no model-suits, viewing is by appointment only and deposit is needed for reservation. If interested, don't wait too long; about 150 people have already shown interest and space is limited.:

The New Calgary; Riverhouse Registration!

Here is a bit of extra information:
# Retail related to all FRAM+Slokker projects is going to be handled separately from the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation. It will be dealt with locally through a brokerage firm.
# Although FRAM is in Ontario, Fred Serrafero - the company's VP of Development and Construction - is not just selling East Village, but is living East Village. He is here every two weeks, enjoying the events the City and the neighbourhood have to offer and is overall very excited about being here and being a part of East Village Revitalization Project... as are we all.

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