Monday, November 11, 2013

New Central Library Designers ANNOUNCED

The site of the future Central Public Library;
On top of the LRT line, adjacent to City Hall...
On November 5th, 2013, the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation announced the winning team - out of 38 bids - to design the new Central Public Library in East Village.
The project brings together the Local - DIALOG Design - and the international - Snøhetta - in a collaboration that is destined to bring an interesting flow of creativity to the revitalizing neighbourhood, as well as to the ever-evolving City of Calgary.

A little bit about the companies:
# DIALOG is a Canadian company that does it all - office, residential, healthcare and educational. One of the company's missions is to "revitalize abandoned urban neighbourhoods" which makes it a perfect choice for this job.
Conceptual image of the new
TELUS Sky Case Study building.
By: DIALOG Design
DIALOG designed the TELUS Spark building and is currently working on Brookfield Place (by Downtown's Hudson's Bay), which is set to be the tallest building in Western Canada. The company is also the designer for the future TELUS Sky Case Study building, which will be located in the core of Calgary.

The Norwegian Opera &
Ballet building in Oslo.
By: Snohetta
# Snøhetta is a Norwegian architecture company with branches in Oslo and New York. The acclaimed Library of Alexandria, Egypt, is one of the its most famous buildings. The company is also responsible for the Norwegian National Opera and Ballet building in Oslo, as well as for the only cultural building on the World Trade Centre Memorial Site. 
Snøhetta dates back to the 1980's Oslo; its innovative designs put the company on the global map, as far as architecture, and now it's coming to Calgary.

Two other major players in the creation of the new Central Library are MHPM, which will be managing the project, and Stuart Olson Dominion Construction, which will be constructing the actual building.

In the past year the City of Calgary, along with the Calgary Public Library, conducted a city-wide Public Engagement Program  - asking Calgarians what they want the new library to contain and to be. The results from this program will be the foundation for the design; the companies promise to have the exterior support the interior and not the other-way-around.

Located adjacent to City Hall, the new branch will be about 280,000 sq.ft. of public spaces; rooms for technology, a laboratory, special programs and approx. 600,000 books. Overall, the new library will be about 50% larger than the current library and will be able to accommodate more of everything.

Due to the future building's position on-top of the underground LRT line construction of an encapsulating structure will start in April 2014, far before the construction of the building begins in September 2015. This will be done in order to eliminate shake, noise and any form of disturbance to library users.

When this $245 Million project first began in 2004 City Council committed the first $40M, adding $135M seven years later. The final $70M will come from CMLC.

The entire project is set to be completed and open for public in 2018!

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