Monday, November 25, 2013

One GIANT step for all pedestrians...

Elbow River Traverse; being prepared to be put in place...
It's official! On Tuesday, Nov-19-2013,  the Elbow River Traverse bridge was mounted in its place, connecting Inglewood and Fort Calgary / East Village.

Just north of the confluence of the Bow and Elbow Rivers,
the bridge is being mounted into its place
Although the project is not yet open for public, the excitement is undeniable; no more limited space on the shoulders of one of the busiest bridges in Calgary (the Inglewood Bridge); the new bridge will be only for pedestrians and all non-motorized vehicles - a safe passage between the Riverwalk and Inglewood pathway.

The Elbow River Traverse is destined to be finished and open for all pathway users in the Summer of 2014. Thanks again CMLC!

Elbow River Traverse in PLACE, thus connecting
Inglewood and Fort Calgary / East Village

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