Monday, January 6, 2014

Evolution is evolving... fast!

EVOLUTION is Evolving...
All roads lead to... Evolution!
"August 13, 2012 was a day to remember" EvFreePress posted over a year ago. It was the day when FUSE, the first phase of Evolution by Embassy+BOSA, broke ground, thus becoming the first residential/retail complex to commence construction as part of the Rejuvenation Project of East Village (by the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation).

Construction is rising...

A retail and residential complex, FUSE includes a 21-story high-rise and an 8-story mid-rise totaling 203 condominiums. This is the first phase of Evolution and the only one currently under construction. Although the plan was to allow residents to move in by late 2014 due to the set-back from the AB Flood, the opening has been postponed until 2015. Progress is undeniable despite said set-back.

Here is additional information regarding Evolution:
# PULSE will be a high rise of 33 floors, the tallest building in the Evolution project. Construction hasn't begun yet, however the showroom is now open for viewing in the EV Experience Centre and phase I is already 60% sold!
# Phase 3 of Evolution is comprised of two mid-rise buildings. No dates and information is yet available but stay tuned...

Lots of construction in East Village... all against
the beautiful Downtown....
Address = 536 6th Avenue SE, East Village
Future Home of FUSE

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