Monday, January 20, 2014

Stampede Park Expansion Update

Agrium Western Event Centre!
In the Spring of 2014 - merely few months away - the new Agrium Western Event Centre is set to be open... just in time for the 102nd annual Calgary Stampede!

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Adjacent just south to the current Agriculture Building, the new structure is looking exciting with its panoramic-view floor and arched roof.

Reflection of the Calgary Tower on the glass wall of the
Panoramic-View floor of the new Agrium Centre
150,000 sq.ft. of education, commerce, arts
entertainment and agriculture
This 150,000 sq.ft structure will have a 2,500-seat arena and will be a year-round centre for entertainment, commerce, education, arts and - of course - agriculture.
The new Agrium Centre is merely the first project in the Stampede Park Expansion and Development Plan, destined to be fully finished in 2020.

The plan is comprised of five main aspects. Here is a brief summary of all that's too be expected from the expansion of the Stampede Park:

New Agrium Centre to be opened Spring 2014
# Agrium Western Event Centre.

Big Four to be demolished
# Big Four Building - to be demolished, making way for a new exhibit space, streetfront retail and a hotel. 17th Avenue is set to be connected to 4th Street SE via a level crossing over the LRT tracks; that way, there will be a direct connection with East Village.

Conceptual image of Campus;
From Calgary Stampede website

# Youth Campus - a space for education and the performing arts, where young creative persons could develop their talents, sharing it with the City and the World. The education / performing arts centre will emphasize the importance of strong western cultural roots.

Conceptual image of Park;
From Calgary Stampede website
# Riverfront Park - located on the east side of the Elbow river, this new 30-acres park will be the home of the new Indian Village, with a new Penn West Exploration Stage. A new open-air museum is planned for the Western Heritage Trail, where visitors will travel in time by celebrating western heritage, while enjoying sculptures representing Calgary's history.

Space for lease for the new
gathering space of retail,
culinary and office space
# Gathering Space - on the north side of the Grounds, parking lots will be transformed into restaurants, retail and office space; Olympic Way will be renamed Stampede Trail. By developing this area the territory of the Stampede Park will extend all the way to 12 Avenue SE and the Cowboys Casino.

So there you have it - all that's to be expected from the Stampede Park Expansion and Development Plan - with the Agiurm Western Event Centre to be completed by the 2014 Calgary Stampede.

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