Monday, February 17, 2014

St. Patrick's Island reaches a Milestone

St. Patrick's Island New Bridge!
Graham Construction making way
with the development of SPI Bridge
At the end of January, Graham Construction poured the final part of the new St. Patrick's Island Bridge deck; a huge milestone in the rejuvenation project of the entire St. Patrick's Island. The new bridge has been officially restored to where it was before the AB Flood hit, with construction (though not on time) still very much on budget, as all damages were covered by insurance. 514 cubic metres of concrete & 27 tonnes of steel are the mainstay of this enormous structure, with arches that vary between 4-16 metres in height and 32-99 metres in length. And the job is not done yet...

The bridge is a link between the north and south shores of the Bow River
Opening this fall of 2014, the bridge will connect the north and south shores of the Bow river. When considering the design of the new bridge, as a rock skipping on water, everything aligns; commuters will be able to skip between the beautiful Bridgeland, the (soon-to-be) stunning St. Patrick's Island and the ever-evolving East Village.

The new SPI Bridge, as seen from the Riverwalk Plaza, East Village
It will take an additional year for the island itself to be open for public, after construction of bridge is complete; but in the Fall of 2015, visitors to the island will be able to enjoy newly designed bikepaths; little parks for picnics, small gatherings and the occasional performance; a boardwalk over the wetland area - designed to accommodate the species that enjoy the land; a jumping fountain for the kids to play at; an amphitheatre and simply an overall variety of attractions, for people of all ages, to come and enjoy nature and city.
Despite the different times of completion of both projects, once the bridge is open - it is open. Continued construction on the island will not interfere with the daily commute between the two shores of the Bow River.

This entire redevelopment of East Village and St. Patrick's Island is becoming more and more exciting as time goes by. In the last post here at EvFreePress we mentioned how joyful everyone at the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation is with the neighbourhood becoming again a place where people want to go; how excited they all are at CMLC with locals starting to fully believe in the transformation of this community. The opening of the new bridge will allow even more people to enjoy the growing district where city meets nature. Here's to the Oldest, Newest, Coolest, Warmest Neighbourhood.

The "rock-skipping-on-water" bridge again Calgary's Downtown

CMLC: St. Patrick's Island

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