Monday, March 3, 2014

Inglewood's Lawn Bowling Venue Revamp

Construction of the new ILBC Clubhouse is on its way!
Ever since it was first established in 1936, the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club has gone through many phases and many faces.
To begin with it wasn't even the Inglewood club at first, as it had started in the Alyth shop-area at the back yard of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Gay and it was called - the Chinook Club. But after so many people had joined in on the fun, the group grew out of the small garage (used as the clubhouse) and moved to the club's current location, on the corner of 8th ave and 12th st SE - in the heart and core of Inglewood.
Each individual gave what they could - Mrs. Cross gave the ground, Ed Jefferies the sand, Western Steel the pipe for outdoor lighting and more... some people found their way into the new club as they volunteered their time for physical labour. And thus, in 1946, the Inglewood Bowling Club became official.

For 50 years people have enjoyed the club. However the clubhouse was getting weak and the club itself was desperate for new members. So, in 1996, four local firefighters took upon themselves the challenge of revitalizing the IBC; they installed new plumbing, new flooring, new wiring and a new kitchen, not to mention the upgrade that was done to the structure's foundations.
The word of the new Life of the club spread out like wildfire and there was a jump in new members; now there are three separate leagues that call the ILBC home and the place is very popular among companies and communities for functions and events.  

The beautiful space of the Inglewood Lawn Bowling Club;
welcoming even in winter

Right now the ILBC has 200 members who wish to keep enjoying and grow within the sport of lawn bowling. With that in mind the club had decided to demolish the original building and create a new space of close to 2,000 sq.ft. Here is what the new clubhouse will provide: storage and office space to club-related businesses; washrooms; a social area to serve the club and offer rental opportunities to the community.

Construction of the new building is done by Nyhoff Architecture and Peterbuilt Homes and is set to be complete for the beginning of the 2014 Lawn Bowling season.

ILBC; Home

Nyhoff Architecture; Inglewood Lawn Bowling Clubhouse, project

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