Monday, March 17, 2014

Rebuilding Elbow River Pathway

Construction of the Elbow River Pathway by Agriculture Trail
It has been almost 9 months to-date since the Alberta Flood hit and the City of Calgary is still recovering. There can be no denying as to how well the municipal government has dealt with the damage the water caused in June, but there is also still much work to be done.

The underpass suffered a big hit during the AB Flood;
currently it doesn't really exist
Major construction
taking place

With the annual Stampede happening in less than 4 months (yes, summer is getting near!), it is no surprise that the Elbow River pathway by the grounds is now a construction priority; the most affected area of the path is the section underneath Agriculture Trail; that bridge is a direct connection between the Stampede Grounds and Riverfront Park.

Trees are being allocated to a better place, allowing for a
safe construction and a better Riverfront Park

There is another reason why this construction is crucial and that is the development of the Stampede Park. Once the 102nd Calgary Stampede is over, the Stampede Park Development will commence construction of the next phase of park development, focusing mainly on the Youth Campus (west side of Elbow River) and on Riverfront Park (east side of Elbow River). The broken section of the pathway is adjacent to the soon-to-be Riverfront Park, making its reassembly vital for a smooth progress in park expansion.

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