Monday, March 31, 2014

The Bridges of East Village Making Way

 During this current year, 2014, two major developments are set to be completed as part of the Riverwalk system of East Village; these are, of course, the incredible new bridges of East Village:

East (Inglewood) side of the new
Elbow River Traverse
# Elbow River Traverse - a pedestrian bridge connecting Inglwood to Fort Calgary and EV. This bridge is designed to take the load of hundreds of daily pathway users off the century-old vehicular Inglewood Bridge, allowing pedestrians, cyclists, runners & other commuters to travel safely and comfortably between the west and east sides of the Elbow River.
Even during the coldest, snowiest days of this past winter, the construction of this monumental project has been constant, so it is very easy to believe that the bridge will be opened as planned later this year.

View of the Elbow River Traverse as seen from the old
Inglewood Bridge

The arches of the new St. Patrick's Bridge;
Like Rock Skipping Over Water
# St. Patrick's Island Bridge - a pedestrian bridge connecting Bridgeland to East Village via St. Patrick's Island. There used to be a pedestrian bridge on that Island; but that century-old bridge was getting old and it was time to replace it. What more, it was only connecting the Island to EV... with the new bridge, commuters can travel easily and quickly between Bridgeland and East Village (and St. Patrick's Island, once its redevelopment is completed). The inspiration for the bridge's design is of a rock skipping over water, with arches simulating the skip.

The centre section of the new St. Patrick's Bridge
There has been a long-awaited desire for shortcut between the two neighbourhoods, each located on one side of the Bow River. In September of this year, 2014, the anticipation could finally reach its end with the bridge opening for public use.

Today, we just wanted to show you how great of projects these two bridges are. The Calgary Municipal Land Corporation has been delivering nothing but constant improvements to East Village and the surrounding neighbourhoods. With these two bridges completed even more people could enjoy the revitalizing community that is becoming one of the City's most central, favorite spots.

CMLC; Elbow River Traverse

CMLC; St. Patrick's Bridge

Calgary Herald; Bridge to new Island Park Ready by September

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