Monday, April 14, 2014

Elevating the new National Music Centre

In February 2013, just over a year ago, the new National Music Centre broke ground on the corner of 9th avenue and 4th street SE, marking yet another major development in the evolving East Village.

Since construction commenced shortly after the 'Groundbreaker Shaker' event, it has been going strong and constant, rain or shine. It is then no surprise that the progress of this project is quite impressive. During this past month, April 2014, the construction of this project has reached an important step, upon completing the pouring of the centre's elevator shafts.
Let us introduce to you the building team of the new NMC:
# Construction - CANA, led by John Simpson; the company is a member of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies and has been operating since 1969.
# Architecture - Allies Works Architecture, led by Brad Cloepfil; the company was founded in 1994 in Portland, Oregon and is a leader in designing institutions of culture in North America. Allied Works Architecture is bringing something new to Calgary, creating a building that is the destination.
# Exhibits - Haley Sharpe Design, bringing the experience of more than 20 years to Calgary; the company is creating interactive, creative and innovative exhibits in the new NMC, guaranteeing inspiration and uniqueness.
# Leadership Team - Made out of internal experts from staff and board members, to 'conduct' the new centre through all the details involved in completing this special project:
  • Andrew Mosker, President and CEO
  • Joe Geurts, Project Manager
  • Charlie Fischer, NMC Board Member, Chair, Building Committee
As for the actual National Music Centre, here is what to be expected from this 160,000 sq.ft. cultural masterpiece: Five floors of exhibitions; a 300-seat performance space; broadcast areas and the CKUA radio station; three recording studios (inc. The Rolling Stones Mobile Recording Studio); artists residence; educational facilities; the Canadian Musical Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame Collection; Cafe and retail space. But one of the most important elements of this new project, is the integration of heritage with modernism, done by incorporating the historic King Eddy Hotel, as a live music venue, with the new NMC.

The centre is being built on both sides of 4th street SE, right on 9th avenue; a walkway for NMC visitors will connect the west and east sides of 4th street, SE.

Conceptual Image of the future new National Music Centre

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