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River Passage Park Coming Soon

Welcome to River Passage Park
In the summer of 2013 construction commenced on the new park of Harvie Passage - River Passage Park. During the past approximately 10 months the work on this project has been constant and progress is visible mainly in the form of the almost completed new seating area.

Construction site
Future seating area
Here is what we can expect from this park: A series of platforms and a wonderful cave-like seating area allowing views of the Bow River; an area serving as a stimulus for 'community events and workshops' to explore and celebrate Inglewood's relationship with the Bow; pathways to increase people's connection to the artwork and the environment (these will connect with Calgary's trail system and river access points); an improvement in corridors and river-side activities for wildlife; an overall enhanced connection to the River.

Conceptual image of River Passage Park
(taken from the City of Calgary website)
Lorna Jordan, the designing artist, has created a textured, interactive and engaging permanent artwork that will strengthen people's and animals' experience of inner-city nature. Lorna has created more than a year-round point of interest for the future; she has designed a park to represent a connection to heritage via the use of native materials and species that have influenced the scenery and economy of the area.

Conceptual image of River Passage Park
(taken from the City of Calgary website)
Made out of physical and conceptual elements, this environmental artwork will capture the function and effects of the Bow River watershed and the elements that act upon it, all with a goal to manifest Calgary's relationship with the Bow River and its watershed. 

River Passage Park is one out of 8 permanent public art projects defined in the City's Utilities and Environmental Protection (UEP) Public Art Plan - a unique first in North America. The idea behind this plan is that public art, along with other practices, can push towards monumental spaces to support sustainability.

This incredible project was approved in 2007 and is a collaboration between Alberta Environment and Alberta Infrastructure; UEP Department; Public Art Program; Inglewood Community Association; Parks Foundation Calgary; City of Calgary Park. Its budget stands at $3.12M and is scheduled to be completed in this coming fall of 2014.

Oskar Construction Company
Graham Construction Company

Here at EvFreePress the belief is that with this enhanced experience of the Bow River and the surrounding landscapes the reshaping of Harvie Passage, by the AB Flood of 2013, will be easier on the eye, the mind and the heart. Thank you to the City of Calgary.

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