Friday, May 23, 2014

A Big cause in a Tiny way

Tiny Gallery - a podium of Art
Tiny Gallery is a project that focuses on creating small, confined podiums of art.
The purpose behind this idea is to create a link between different styles of art - public, street and gallery; all the while helping local artists reach a wider audience and increasing art's accessibility to the public.

Placing these tiny galleries in pedestrian streets around Calgary not only promotes interaction of people with the art, but also supports exploration of the City's neighbourhoods and local businesses.

Each gallery is approx. 7-feet tall with the actual exhibit space being about 18"wide X 18"deep X 24"tall. The structure is covered with a water-proof roof, making the artwork protected from wind and precipitation; however, it is not protected against heat, cold or sunlight.

Current Exhibit: OpenBook, by Emma Bresola and Melissa Centofanti :

 Made out of accordion style artist books, the artwork was created to showcase different types of art; Dance, Music and Theatre, with a vision to motivate others to use their imagination in workshops around the City.

Here's a bit about the artists:  The partnership was formed after the two artists met at a "Artists Working in Community" course, offered by the City of Calgary. Bresola and Centofanti complement each other with their versatility and love in using traditional and non-traditional materials, always choosing materials after conceptualizing the idea.

This gallery is displayed in Bridgeland and is spread out over 3 different locations, all along 1st Avenue NE; it will be open until June 7th, 2014.

Bridgeland Exhibit Spaces

Tiny Gallery; Home

Tiny Gallery; Current Show - OpenBook

Round in Circles: Melissa Centofanti

Emma Bresola; Home

Emma Bresola Blog

Lady Dinosaurs; Home

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